Intervju za Sarajevo times

Dear Miya,
I am sending you answers to your questions. Please send me the link when you publish text.
I wish you all the best.

My comments on this situation:

I condemned the attack on Bosniaks in Montenegro, which took place after three opposition coalitions took the majority in the country’s Parliament in the Sunday election. The situation reminds us of a return of the ideologies that already led to aggression, crime and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovna. The Institute for Research of Genocide Canada is concerned about the anti-Bosniak rhetoric that is for months being tolerated in public has begun to become the basis for violent attacks by organized groups that no longer hide their criminal agenda. All of this reminds of a return of the ideologies that already led to crime and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

1) What messages are these verbal and physical attacks sending to the Bosniak community?  
 We have not put Milosevic's legacy behind us, we still represent a threat to the region and the idea of a Greater Serbia has still not disappeared. There is still an attempt to unite Republika Srpska and Montenegro with Serbia. Montenegro’s election is being followed by a silent ethnic cleansing of Bosniaks from the northern part of the country and those behind it are the same ones who did so in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1990s.
2)What do you fear is unfolding here?  
I feared such incidents could trigger unpredictable reactions. Montenegro could see the same crimes - genocide that occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina that saw the mass killings of thousands of Bosniaks. The situation in Montenegro does not make anyone feel safe. 

3) What can be done/what needs to be done?   
 We expect the Serbian Orthodox Church to distance itself from the Islamophobic speeches of those who officially act on its behalf and claim to speak from the position of the clergy. They have a special responsibility regarding everything that is happening in Montenegro.   I demand that the Government of Montenegro immediately sends the police there to resolve this.The current Government of Montenegro is still in power. Montenegro is a member of the NATO pact and the international community must not peacefully view the crimes as in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  
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