Interview for DISENZ


1. On the documentary film in question you addressed a petition that was since signed by  more than 35.000 people. Do you assess that the petition was successful in its goal?

The petition fully met its goal. The film is increasingly being banned around the world. In addition, by signing a petition, the world public was mobilized against genocide deniers.
The Institute for Research of Genocide Canada has sent a petition asking for an immediate halt of the film promoting the Bosnian entity RS, including more than 35,000 signatories. The receivers of the said petition are mayors of all cities where the film’s screening was announced. Furthermore, a petition will receive prime ministers and presidents of the countries where the movie was to be screened. And important political, academic, and cultural subjects of Canada, the USA, and the European Union.
We are sending you a petition with more than 35,000 signatures from 67 countries worldwide. The signatories publicly express their deep concern about the film of the former Sputnik journalist and host of Russia Today, Serbian-Canadian director Boris Malagurski, "Republic of Srpska: Struggle for Freedom."
2. One of many issues regarding the film is the issue of genocide denial. Malagurski claims that the film acknowledges genocide - is a simple acknowldgment of genocide enough to dispell accusations of genocide denial?  What is a proper way to address the the issue of genocide?  

Today, we must remember that incitement to genocide, hate speech, and glorifying genocide’s planners and perpetrators are crimes. Boris Malagurski’s film encourages a new genocide, which is a crime.
Genocide negation, that is, the negation of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is confirmed by this film. It is another blow from the so-called civilized world to the victims of the biggest crime in Europe after the Holocaust, the genocide in Srebrenica. The film is a documented testimony of the dishonesty, moral and intellectual collapse of the planners and performers of aggression and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The film certifies the work of genocide planners and perpetrators in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It supports Serbian extremism, whose goal is to create a “Greater Serbia” at the expense of the destruction of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The film defeated humanity, defeated man, and civilization. This film humiliated victims not only of the genocide in Srebrenica but also the victims of all terrible crimes in human history, including the victims of the Holocaust.

3.  One anonymous source from Serbian community in Ljubljana that tried to organize the screening of the film told me that the film is biased but he expressed opinion that the narrative about the Bosnina war in Europe is "too much in favour of the Bosniak side." adding that the film tries to balance the narrative. How do you view this statement? Do you feel that the issue of Genocide in BiH is properly addressed and represented in the international community?

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe, and the world, full of surviving victims and witnesses of terrible crimes, deserve much better than this film. How can victims hope for truth and justice next to an author like Boris Malagurski? Author in whom humanity is defeated, who continues the criminal tradition of the Serbian Academy of Sciences, the Serbian Orthodox Church, and the Serbian Association of Writers. Revising historical, judicial, and scientific facts about the genocide to equalize the victim and crimes for the benefit of the idea of Greater Serbia, which has not yet been defeated.
That is why every premiere of this film will remain recorded for posterity as one of the blackest days in the history of humankind.
The film promotes the denial of the genocide in Srebrenica as the last stage of its complete execution. It promotes the idea of Greater Serbia, which is constantly tearing Bosnia and Herzegovina apart. And tries, by all means, to show that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a failed state, promoting the independence of the RS entity and its unification with Serbia.
We invite you to wake up from a disturbing world that destroys the human spirit and consciousness. Leaving people in constant fear, where non-humans rule and proclaim lies as truth and consider a crime a good thing. Become aware of our position, look for ways out, and be brave, unique, knowledgeable, and professional. The film humiliates the victims, but the victims will never be defeated because the truth and justice are on their side, not on quasi-artist Boris Malagurski.