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Research - Prijedor Genocide - the Abstract

Professor Emir Ramic, Mr. sc

Director Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada


The Title: The Prijedor Genocide


The Abstract:


The Prijedor municipality, in the North-western part of Bosnia, with 112.543 residents according to 1991 census (of which 49.351 Bosniacs, 47.581 Serbs, 6.316 Croats, 6.459 Yugoslavs, and 2.836 Others), is one of the geographic areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina of special interest for the Serbian great state project. According to their intentions, objectives, mode of commission, forms and extent of crime against humanity and international law, committed in other parts of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) and their collaborationists committed in Prijedor from 1992 to 1995 in addition to crimes against peace and safety of mankind, other grave and massive crimes against civilians, including genocide against Bosniacs. This was also reflected in the organized, individual and massive killing; arrests, deportation, and incarceration in the concentration camps {Omarska, Keraterm, Trnopolje and others, prisons, and other places of imprisonment; forcible transfer and expulsion; systematic and massive rapes sexual abuse of women (elderly ladies, women, and young girls); attacks and devastation of civilian objects; planned and selective plundering of private property, forcible disappearance, mass graves, etc.

Targeted topics:

-          Municipality Prijedor in the Serbian great state project;

-          Planning, preparation, and commission of genocide and other forms of crimes against humanity and international law in Prijedor;

-          Main actors and accomplices in genocide in Prijedor;

-          Forcible takeover of (legitimate) authorities by the Serbian forces;

-          Massive unlawful dismissal from jobs;

-          Armed formations of the Great Serbian aggressor in Prijedor municipality;

-          Armed attack against civilian objects in municipality Prijedor;

-          Forcible expulsion of civilians;

-          Concentration camps, prisons and other places of imprisonment;

-          Systematic massive and individual killings;

-          Forms and manners of commission of crimes;

-          Unlawful means, manners and methods of warfare;

-          Mass and individual graves;

-          Devastation and destruction of villages and settlements, confessional and other objects;

-          Planned plundering of property;

-          Systematic and mass rapes and sexual abuse;

-          Infliction of grave physical and mental harm;

-          Execution of Bosniac elite;

-          Destruction of return of those forcible expelled;

-          Exhumation and the identification of the killed;

-          Genocide and other forms of crimes in municipality Prijedor in court proceedings (ICTY, Court of BiH and other);

-          Results of the research of genocide in the municipality of Prijedor.