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The Manifesto of Bosniaks

The Manifesto of Bosniaks

On the occasion of the twenty years since the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RBiH), respecting the Charter of the United Nations (UN), the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the European Charter of Local Self-Government,

And, based on the required implementation of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) judgment of 26 February 2007 in the Case Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro, which states that: "Serbia has violated the obligation to prevent genocide, which was obliged to under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes of Genocide, regarding the genocide committed in Srebrenica in July 1995, when the Court declared that the genocide was committed by the government and institutions so called "Serbian Republic", and especially army and police so called "Serbian Republic”, and that Serbia had an obligation to prevent genocide”,

Based on the required implementation of verdicts of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and final judgments of national courts on genocide in RBH,

In order to defend and strengthen a unique, independent, sovereign, democratic Bosnia and Herzegovina and its open, free, civil society, and the rights of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take charge of their own country and its society,

The Institute for Research of Genocide Canada (IGC) declares:

The Manifesto of Bosniaks

1.     Bosniaks, as a sovereign nation on all levels of political organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina should vigorously oppose all enemies of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The forces, that by the referendum in 1992 were defeated, by the fact that RBiH is an independent and sovereign state, continue to oppose this historical fact, although it has been acknowledged as such by the whole world. There is an apparent collision between the RBiH referendum and Dayton BiH when it comes to the interpretation of its sovereignty. Dayton’s Bosnia and Herzegovina is not sovereign at full capacity, and this condition contributes to more aggressive anti Bosnian politics of the international community, as well as anti Bosnian political establishment actions in BiH. There is no determination of the ruling structures, especially the Bosniaks to cancel Dayton’s BiH. 

Bosniaks have to immediately block all threats to the state of BiH. They must use the veto in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, and so do the job of saving the State, challenging the RS to be legalized and challenging the adoption of a new law that can divide the state of BiH.


2.     Immediate and unconditional implementation of  ICJ and ICTY verdicts

The execution of these judgments is an obligation to the citizens of BiH, especially the victims of aggression and genocide. Execution of judgments is an obligation under the international law. Execution of judgments includes repeal of discriminatory Dayton Constitution of BiH and the temporary return of the Constitution RBH until a new constitution is in place. The question of enforcement of these judgments is also the question of the future destiny of BiH and its citizens. These judgments, especially judgments ICJ in the Hague, supersede all constitutional arrangements now offered to the victims of aggression and genocide, including Annex IV of the Dayton agreement, which is packed in a peace agreement without legal constitutional procedures.

3.     Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovinaespecially Bosniaks, have to fight  that the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH adopts the law on the prohibition and punishment of neo-fascist organizations, and a law prohibiting and punishing the denial of the Holocaustgenocide and crimes against humanity

Twenty years after the declaration of independence RBH, twenty years since the aggression against RBH, twenty years after the start of the genocide against the citizens of RBH, the victims of genocide are continuing to bind us, on behalf of the future of humanity and the highest human and social values, freedoms and rights, civilization and cultural achievements and goods, to not allow or prevent all attempts and intents that reward the crime of genocide, while punish the victim. Historical truth is that against the RBH multiple aggressions were carried and the crime of genocide against its citizens.

IGC encourages all citizens of BiH to take action as soon as possible in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the adoption of the Law on Prohibition and Punishment of the neo-fascist organizations, and a Law prohibiting and punishing the denial of the Holocaust, genocide and crimes against humanity.  Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina must make sure that these anti-fascist laws are adopted in the country that rests on the foundations of anti-fascism.

4.     Bosniaks themselves must fight for their national institutions

Bosniaks need national institutions, especially the Museum of Genocide, they need the truth of their suffering as a condition of their future survival and prosperity, and they should stop conceding to the Greater Serbia and Greater Croatia mentors. Bosniaks need to know that the success of Dayton agreement hypocrisy is proportional to the degree of alienation of Bosniaks from their interests. 

Dr. Francis Boyle, the author of the lawsuit RBH filed for the aggression and genocide before the International Court of Justice, and a member of the International Expert Team of The Institute for Research of Genocide Canada, warns that the formation of Dayton BiH was a hoax, after which it was planned that BiH as such would disintegrate after 15 years. And for those 15 years Bosniaks will not have realistic chances for the resistance, if they are passive, if they are led by political maroons, if they are not united, if they forget their national institutions, and if they forget their greatest strength - Diaspora.

The Explanation

The Dayton Constitution is designed so that the BiH State and Government are set up the way that they do not function

The Dayton Constitution allows internal dissolution and disintegration of the state and is programmed to achieve the Greater Serbia and Greater Croatia goals, melting and reshaping the Bosniak identity as the main obstacle to the definitive destruction of BiH statehood. In Bosnian Dayton semi, Bosniaks as a European nation are doomed to disappear from the world's map. Therefore, the Dayton Constitution is illegitimate, illegal, against the civil and human rights, and against the international law. It is directed against the survival and development of the state and its citizens, it is opposite from the constitutional and international status of the state for which the citizens of RBH voted independence at the successfully accomplished world-recognized referendum, held on 1.3.1992, when on 22.5.1992 RBH became the 177th UN member-state. 

The Dayton Constitution had accepted and awarded the negation of RBH and imposed the recognition of the aggression and genocide results. At least eight cities, for which the genocide had been proven in the court, are still controlled by the aggressor, recognized under the Dayton Constitution. The creators of the Constitution that was imposed to RBH citizens against their will and the International law refused to stop the aggression and genocide, and accepted the arguments and demands of the perpetrators of crimes.

Using the Dayton Constitution Serbian aggressors are achieving their "Peaceful conquests projects" through the entity of Republika Srpska, and Dayton’s Bosnia

RS entity, which is by the aggression and genocide temporarily occupied territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, systematically targets and blocks the actions of the state of BiH. This proved to be the case while a series of laws were made, which are important for the functioning of BiH, but also during the formation of the Council of Ministers. Recently, it was evident through the pressures that came through the Parliament of BiH from Dodik's establishment to abolish the BiH Court and the Prosecution bodies. Instead of launching the initiative for the formation of the Supreme Court of BiH they are trying to abolish the Court and Prosecution of BiH, which are engaged in prosecuting war crimes committed and prosecuting perpetrators of organized crime. These institutions should be strengthened, not repealed.

After the application of the Law on Cadastre of RS entity was suspended by the Constitutional Court of BiH, the National Assembly of the RS entity had, using an emergency procedure, adopted its modified version, or the new Law on the Survey and Cadastre of RS entity. However, even the new law does not abandon the concept of the Land Registry records being under the jurisdiction of the entity’s Land Survey Office. In this way, the returnees to the RS entity are prevented to effectively protect their private properties, which in turn confirm the results of aggression and genocide.

By planned obstruction of the state institutions RS entity is attempting to create a status without legislation at the state level and present RS entity as a state. In this way it tries to finish the Dayton phase destruction of BiH institutions. This scenario can lead to a potential conflict of unimaginable proportions and new threats to the peace in the region.

The Law on Population Census without the Article 48 will show that the Bosniaks in RS are reduced to Karadzic’s three percent; that the territory in which Bosniaks live in postwar Bosnia is so narrowed in space that will resemble the present-day borders of Palestine. After 2013, all hopes will be lost that Bosniaks will be ever returned back to their homes, and it is particularly concerning that they will disappear from government roles. Somehow, until now their voices have been heard. The former Article 48 had anticipated that the results of the ethnic structure of population 1991 census would be applied in the formation of government in BiH until the full implementation of Annex 7 of the Dayton Agreement, or completion of the return of refugees and displaced persons. Without the Article 48, however, when it is determined that Bosniaks in many cities of the smaller Entity can be counted on the fingers, formerly predominant nation will disappear from the executive and legislative authority and the entity municipal institutions and RS will then officially be a pure Serbian entity. All Bosniaks who voted for this law at the Parliamentary Assembly, voted against Bosniak people and the state of BiH.

An ethnically pure entity was the target of Radovan Karadzic, who had followed the concept of Milosevic, according to which, especially in border areas of Bosnia from Bihac to Neum, on the one hand, and along the river Drina, on the other, "must not be any Bosniak ear." The first part of this plan was implemented in the aggression and genocide. The second part is legally and factually cementing the results of ethnic cleansing, which is nearing its completion. The rest is yet to list a few survivors of Bosniaks in the RS entity, and that would conclude the greatest genocide in Europe since World War II. The latest population census planned for 2013 would create conditions to even more legalize the Dayton constitution and the creation of Dayton RS, and consequently even more legalize and strengthen a Serbian state in which virtually no non-Serbs would exist. The planned consensus in the Federation would also make, an already bad situation, even worse.

Introducing the entity citizenship in the ID card is undermining and devaluing Bosnia and Herzegovina, since the characteristics of the entity would be equalized with the state in importance. Dayton formations, entities, are not states, but creations made â€‹â€‹on the results of aggression and genocide. Abuse of entity voting is a regular occurrence in the Parliamentary Assembly, which mainly comes from the entity RS. The representatives from RS use every opportunity to obstruct the work of BiH and thus show that “Bosnia and Herzegovina is a dysfunctional and unsustainable state”, and that the entity of Republika Srpska is “an orderly and functional state”. We should not forget that by the crime of aggression and genocide this entity had been converted into an occupied Serbian territory inside a sovereign territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The objectives of planned systematic betrayal, aggression and genocide in Bosnia are creating a new demographic situation in the state where people are rounded up to the war homogenized territories (ghettos). This is only a step to a "new will of the people" and certainly the destruction of the old country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is expected that the next blow to the statehood of BiH will be presented by Serbian side with their application for registration of the Bosnian state assets to the entities. It is likely that politicians from the ranks of the Bosniak people will be silenced once again before this "Great-Serbian assault."

In accordance with the Greater-Croation ideologypractices and programs on the formation of "Greater Croatia", Croatian aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina is still in place

Today's thesis of Mostar as a Croatian city is confirming the continuation of Croatian aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina through the intention of introducing a third entity. This hellish plan, coined before the war and carried out by the aggression and genocide during the war by regular forces of the Croatian Army, in cooperation with their quislings in form of the Croatian Defence Council (HVO), is today being enhanced by claims that Mostar is absolutely a Croatian city. These propositions are absolutely unfounded and dangerous, because the Croatian population was not dominant in Mostar before the war, nor at any time in history it was an exclusive Croatian city. Attempts of ethnic cleansing operations in Herzegovina and Central Bosnia by the Croatian Army and HVO, destruction and demolition of historic Mostar Old Bridge, and finally plans to form a third entity, is showing openly the intention of certain elements of the Croatian political establishment towards Bosnia and Bosniaks. This should have caused a serious disturbance in today’s European path of Croatia. In one way or another, everyone should be aware that Bosniaks will never leave the city of Mostar.

While the Greater–Serbian and Greater-Croatian projects continue in various ways and at different levels of social reality, Bosniak political establishment keeps silent

The international community has supported Milosevic and Tudjman in their conspiracy and agreement for the division of RBH. Same has been acknowledged and accepted by the political representatives of the Bosniak people, even though they are the biggest victims of the Greater Serbia and Croatia projects. Today, the Greater-Serbian and Greater-Croatian criminals operate in two ways: first is in a form of visible war crimes and even genocide, which by its atrocious nature speaks by itself, while the other is silent and invisible, you could say "administrative", where crimes are carried out via paper against Bosniaks and Bosnia. This is why the aggressors are today still fighting during “peace" to turn the state assets into entities, that is, what the Serbian and Croatian barbarians captured in the war, be legalized as "Serbian” and “Croatian” territory, respectively. For twenty years, Greater-Serbian and Greater-Croatian invaders are openly carving Serbian and Croatian territory inside the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In fact, they are being even helped by certain Bosniak political circles. Bosniak traitors are operating covertly and showing ignorance, quasi-islamic principles, ethnic immaturity, small interests and greed, while the Serbian and Croatian criminals are cementing their "peaceful conquests projects" through Dayton institutions and genocidal entity Republika Srpska, as a part of the occupied state and social fabric of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This can be stopped with a decisive political will of a new, upcoming Bosniak policy, that is now non-existent with Bosniak corrupt politicians, nor can it be demonstrated. Time is ripe to have  the Bosniak policy space cleared up, and to send to history the Dayton Peace Agreement, together with its deceitful Constitution (Annex IV). Karadzic and Mladic are on trial in The Hague on ICTY and their genocidal acts remain on the ground of Dayton BiH. It cannot pass. It cannot be accepted at any price. 

The main criteria for selection of the Bosnian political leadership should be: preservation and protection of the Bosniak national interests, the construction of the Bosniak national institutions, reversing the Dayton constitution and the return of RBH, and the implementation of ICJ, ICTY and national courts on the issue of aggression against RBH and genocide against its citizens.


No one has the right to equate the victim and the perpetrator

At the time of shameful Bosniak deafness, and silence before new attempts to destroy Bosnia, while observing 20 years since the declaration of Independence, we announce that we will not tolerate Bosniak shameful inaction and silence on the Chetnik and Ustasha persistent attempts to destroy Bosnia and Bosniaks.


Nobody has the right to equate the victims and criminals.

No one has the right to humiliate fighters who fight for the victory of truth about the aggressions against RBH and genocide against its citizens.

No one has the right to humiliate fighters who are struggling to achieve justice for victims of war crimes.

No one has the right to pardon criminals from the atrocities that were done in RBH, until the truth about these crimes is brought forward and justice for victims has been served.

No one has the right to acknowledge or sign the capitulation, or to accept or recognize the occupation of RBH or particular part there of, even though the Greater conquest project has occupied half of the state today.

No one has the right to prevent citizens of RBH to fight against an enemy who has invaded and occupied RBH and who still tries to destroy its sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence.

No one has the right to prevent citizens of RBH to fight against the unjust, immoral, illegitimate and illegal Dayton "constitution" which legalized the results of aggression and genocide against RBH and its citizens.

Such acts are betrayal of the state, society, nation, family and citizen. We are determined to stop further collapse of our nation and our state and homeland RBH.