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“The Canadian example is inspiring”!

“The Canadian example is inspiring”!

The letter of Mr. Jehanne van Woerkom, the member of the International Expert Team of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada, to the members of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada regarding the occasion of the adoption of second resolution on the Srebrenica genocide in the Canadian Parliament.

My sincere congratulations by the happy news that the motion to declare  the 11th if july annually as the  Srebrenica-Remembrance Day for Canada,  has been adopted by the Canadian Parliament! Especially this is a special fact to me as a Dutch citizen: our Dutch  soldiers, who changed the Canadian brigade in 1994 did nothing to  prevent the Srebrenica-genocide at the 11th of July 1995... I am deeply  ashamed: they were there to protect the population. They were there also in my name... You know about the EU-resolution, adopted January 2009 by the European  Parliament to declare the 11th of July annually  as the  Srebrenica-commemoration day all over Western Europe and the Western Balkans. The answer of the Dutch government on te resolution was: "The only  authentic commemoration of the fall of the Srebrenica-enclave (until  nowadays the don't speak about the Srebrenica-genocide...) is taken  place on the 11th of July in Potocari. In the Netherlands there is no  need for it." As you see: still refusing joint guilt, joint responsibility. Denying  its own failure. This year nevertheless, for the twentieth time, a small group of Dutch  and Bosnian citizens will commemorate on the 11th of July the fall of  the enclave together with a rather big attendance of Bosnian and Dutch  citizens in the center of The Hague. (An impression on my website) On  that occasion we yearly are demanding our authorities recognizing  officially the Dutch part in the Fall of Srebrenica.

Who knows...the Canadian example is inspiring!

Best regards,

Jehanne van Woerkom (Political Committee for Peace at the Balkans Stari Most)