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Report on book by Prof. Dr. Smail Čekić

Report on book by Prof. Dr. Smail Čekić


In his new book, Prof. Dr. Čekić gives thought to the interdependent relation between the aggression against the sovereign state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, genocide against Bosniaks, and the Dayton Peace Accords. Prof. Dr. Čekić insists that an appreciation of the interconnectedness of these three phenomena is indispensable for a competent political analysis. That is to say, that the current political and territorial division of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the existence of the entity "Republika Srpska," is the direct consequence of these three phenomena. In this respect, the author clarifies, moreover that by recognizing the entity of "Republika Srpska," the Dayton Peace Accords, legitimized aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina and rewarded genocide against Bosniaks: a legitimization and a reward by virtue of which "Republika Srpska" achieved 49% of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prof. Dr. Čekić's trenchant analysis clarifies the extent to which the Dayton Peace Accords can be understood as nothing less than a "legalization" of the aggression and the genocide. The current book, a brilliant dialectical synthesis that advances the findings of two of Prof. Dr. Čekić's previous books, identifies the urgent need for the unification of Bosnia through Constitutional reform.


Prof. Dr. David Pettigrew

Professor of Philosophy

Southern Connecticut State University

Member, Steering Committee, Yale University Genocide Studies Program,

Member of the Board, Bosnian American Genocide Institute and Education Center, Chicago, IL, International Team of Experts, Institute for Research of Genocide Canada