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The Institute fore Research of Genocide Canada {IGC} received a message from Mr. Chris Mathieu

The Institute fore Research of Genocide Canada {IGC} received a message from Mr. Chris Mathieu, a member of the International Expert Team of IGC with a positive response from University of Minnesota regarding genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Thank you Chris Mathieu for continuing the fight for the truth about the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the justice for the victims of this terrible crime.
Mr. Chris Mathieu will arrange a meeting between Bosnian Community and Genocide Organization. He will pressure TV channel to remove the program in the future.
Positive response already
Dear Chris Mathieu, thank you for your email and for sending the information about this TV program, which I was unaware of. This is a co-production of the organization World Without Genocide and TPT (Twin Cities Public Television), and it seems that the footage of the event was recorded during the time that Prof. Ellen Kennedy was interim director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the UMN, approximately a decade ago. While unfortunately our Center is listed among the organizations that provided "additional funding" for this project, we are not responsible for any of the content of this documentary. I completely agree with you that the choice of a Bosnian Serb person to represent the experience of genocide in Yugoslavia is ill-conceived, misleading, and contradicting all evidence of the ITCY. And of course, it is offensive to the Bosnian Muslim genocide survivor community. I was sorry to learn about the existence of this production through your email. Since its founding in 1997 CHGS has been active organizing educational programs on the Bosnian genocide. Among other recent events, we screened twice the film Pretty Village, including a Q&A with director Kemal Pervanic, and we are planning a symposium with the participation of a Srebrenica survivor for Spring of 2019. We would be happy to help with the upcoming commemoration in the Twin Cities, with publicity through our social media or an article in our blog. I cc in this email our Program Coordinator Jennifer Hammer and Outreach Coordinator Joe Eggers. Thank you in advance for keeping us posted.
Alejandro Baer Associate Professor | Department of Sociology Stephen C. Feinstein Chair & Director | Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies | CHGS Blog University of Minnesota