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The State of Human Rights around the World – Call to action

The State of Human Rights around the World – Call to action

As the year comes to a close, we should spend some time thinking about other human beings around the world whose basic human rights have been violated this past year. Namely, we must consider daily abuses and suffering inflicted upon Uighur Muslims and their suffering at the hands of the communist regime in China. The Chinese communist government is known for flagrant human violations around China and in Hong Kong, but mainly for indiscriminately imprisoning over 1 million Uighur in the state-run concentration camps. The government in China has rendered over 20 million of its minority Muslims as second-class citizens. In India, the Indian nationalist party has promoted the cycle of violence and hate against its minority group of Muslims and adopted laws that would discriminate against them. India has opened detention centers for Muslims. In Myanmar, the Rohingya Muslims are facing genocide and extermination on a large scale in real-time. The plight of refugees and the killing of civilians in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Afghanistan, have fallen on deaf ears of leadership around the world. The world continues to turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of prosecuted minorities who have no protections and whose government uses all power to suppress them. The world leaders from the United Nations to the European Union and the pontiff in the Vatican and all the Muslim Islamic scholars must do more in their duty to call and work for the protection of minorities regardless of their faith, ethnic, and religious background. Refugees in the smaller entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not provided any protections. Likewise, the government of Croatia is constantly violating the rights of refugees and immigrants.

The world leaders must take more decisive actions to prevent further plight of minorities and refugees with a comprehensive plan for preventing further violations of human rights and genocide. Refugees and minorities must be provided with basic human rights and afforded the ability to live their lives as other human beings.

Congress of North American Bosniaks

Institute for Research of Genocide Canada