Naučna istraživanja

Potpisnici deklaracije


They signed and supported the Declaration (updated April 10, 2022)

NGO and academian from BIH

NGO and individuals outside BiH

Political organization from BiH

Council of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals

Consilium Bosniacum, Austria

(Alliance of 28 Bosnian NGOs in Austria)

Social Democratic Party of BiH


Croatian National Council of BiH

Congress of Bosniaks of North America

USA and Canada

People and justice


Serbian Civil Council of BiH

Bosnian American Academy of Sciences and Arts 


Our party


La Benevolence Jewish Society

Institute for research Genocide 


Alliance for a Better Future


Forum of BiH Parliamentarians 1990

Congress of Bosniaks of the World


People's European Union


“Kali Sara” Roma Information Center

Adis Ahmetovi?, Member of the Bundestag


Social Democrats of BiH


Center for the Promotion of Civil Society

Christian Schwarz-Schilling, former High Representative in BiH


Independent block


Foundation Justice for BiH 

Sanela Jenkins, UK

Platform for progress


Society for Endangered Nations of BiH 

Diego Arria, chairman of the UN Security Council in 1992


Zlatko Mileti?

Independent representative in the House of Peoples of the Assembly of BiH

Appellants before the European Court of Human Rights

Jakob Finci and Dervo Sejdi?

Bosnian community of New South Wales


Vojin Mijatovi?

member of the Movement for the State in the Republic of Srpska

Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Working Group for Bosnia and Herzegovina (WGBiH)

Progressive democratic party

Academician Abdullah Sidran, a representative of an independent group of intellectuals


Adis Arapovi?, Club of States in the Parliament of the Federation of BiH

Mostar Circle Association


Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina (SBIH)

Croatian Home Association


Croatian Party of BiH (HSBIH)

Association of Social Pedagogues of BiH


Posavina Party (PS)