Memory of Culture Kitchener

Dear attendees,
Esselamu alejkum,

I am sorry that due to health problems I am not able to attend this important event. I want to inform you about the action on our petition e - 1837.

Through an electronic petition e -1837 on the official website of the Parliament of Canada, a request was made to punish the denial of the Srebrenica genocide in Canada. The petition against the denial of Srebrenica genocide in Canada was initiated by me on behalf of the Institute for Research of Genocide, Canada.

The petition was published on the Canadian Parliament’s website on September 10 of this year and will be open for signatures for the next 120 days, or until January 10, 2019. All Canadian citizens living in Canada and abroad can and are encouraged to sign petition, including underage children, under the condition that they have their own e-mail address. After the signing process, that is, if at least 500 signatures are collected and which are required for a petition to be successful, it will be ready for the reading at the Canadian Parliament.
Today we have more than 1500 signatures.

The reading of the petition will be made by the sponsor of the petition, member of the Parliament Mr. Brian Masse.

The legal basis for the criminal sanctioning of the denial of Srebrenica genocide in Canada is a final verdict of the international tribunals in The Hague, a final resolution of more than 30 state parliaments in the world, and in particular two resolutions on Srebrenica genocide adopted by the Canadian Parliament.

The moral basis for such a law are the permanent exhibit of the Srebrenica genocide at the Canadian Human Rights Museum, unveiling of first memorial feature in diaspora for the victims of the Srebrenica genocide in the Canadian city of Windsor, the decision of the Canadian Government to mark the May 31st the World Day of White Ribbon, the distribution of the Srebrenica Flower to all members of the Canadian Parliament and the study of Srebrenica genocide at the Canadian schools. 

By passing a law banning the denial of genocide in Srebrenica, Canada would make a major contribution to the truth and justice and thus make a major step in punishing the deniers of Srebrenica genocide as well it will set an example that the punishment is the best prevention in the fight against genocide in the world. In the end, 

I invite all citizens of Canada and Canadians abroad, especially those originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina, to sign the petition 1837 in order to contribute to the truth and justice, and also to combat the deniers of genocide and forgery of historical, scientific and judicial facts about the genocide in Srebrenica.

Dr. Emir Ramic
Chairman of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada