Pismo Trudeau

The Right Honourable Jus3n Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
O?awa, Ontario
K1A 0A2
Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,
I write to you on behalf of Canadian ci3zens of Bosniak descent from Bosnia and Herzegovina
with respect to the recent news regarding the reported proposal to replace Ambassador
Valen3n Inzko, the current High Representa3ve for Bosnia and Herzegovina (“Bosnia”), with Mr.
Joseph Ingram.
The Ins3tute for Research of Genocide Canada {IGC} welcomes the proposal of Mr. Ingram as a
poten3al replacement for Dr. Inzko. First, as a fundamental principle, any new High Representa-
3ve must have a deep understanding of the various geo-poli3cal, economic, na3onal security
and other structural issues that are currently facing Bosnia. Mr. Ingram’s prior professional ex-
perience as the director of the World Bank’s office in Bosnia, ensures that he sa3sfies such crite-
ria and that he has the requisite understanding of the various poli3cal and economic issues that
are of grave importance to all ci3zens of Bosnia. Second, and equally important as the prior cri-
terion, any new High Representa3ve must be independent from affilia3ons with, and impar3al
to, any of the various ethnic groups in Bosnia. Mr. Ingram also sa3sfies this criterion and, based
on his prior work in Bosnia, we believe that he will remain independent from will impar3al to
the various ethnic groups in Bosnia if appointed as the new High Representa3ve to Bosnia.
The IGC is also excited about the renewed focus, energy, and enthusiasm rela3ng to, and the
poten3al for Canadian re-engagement in, Bosnia. We believe that Canada should, and must,
play a significant role in such re-engagement in Bosnia for several reasons. First, Canada has a
long and successful foreign policy tradi3on of effec3ng peaceful democra3c and poli3cal change
through mul3lateralism and coali3on building. This approach to effec3ng peaceful democra3c
and poli3cal change is cri3cal to the Office of the High Representa3ve, as the High Representa-
3ve must strive to build coali3ons not only amongst the various ethnic groups in Bosnia, but
also with other countries in the region, Europe and Bosnia’s transatlan3c partners. Second,
Canada’s strong rela3onship with the U.S., and their substan3al alignment with respect to for-
eign policy issues rela3ng to Bosnia, will ensure that the U.S. stays engaged in effec3ng the nec-
essary poli3cal change in Bosnia. Finally, the European Union’s inability to resolve the war in
Bosnia in the 1990s, and its subsequent ineffec3veness in dealing with poli3cal deadlock follow-
ing the war, are well documented. As such, the CBNA believes that meaningful democra3c and
poli3cal change in Bosnia can only be rooted in Canadian and U.S. leadership and support.
As proud Canadians of Bosniak origin, we encourage your administra3on to take an ac3ve role
with any current or future ini3a3ves concerning the Office of the High Representa3ve for
Bosnia. More importantly, we firmly believe that strong and ac3ve Canadian leadership is the
only feasible path to increased security, peace and stability in the Western Balkans.
Your sincerely,
Dr. Emir Ramic,
The Ins3tute For Research of Genocide Canada (IGC) is a public scien3fic ins3tu3on engaged in
analysis of crimes against peace, crime of genocide, and other grave breaches of interna3onal
law from the historical, legal, sociological, criminology, economic, demographic, psychological,
poli3cal, cultural, medical, environmental, and other aspects of relevance for the complete re-
search of crimes.