To the Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, Prime minister of Canada

To the Right Honorable Justin Trudeau, Prime minister of Canada,    

We are writing to you on behalf of Bosnian Canadians to express our grave concern about the current political situation transpiring in Bosnia and Herzegovina (State). 

We find the following facts and developments particularly alarming:

- The endangerment and threat to peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina is at its highest since the end of aggression, committed genocide and signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement;


- The State institutions are blocked and not functioning;


- The politicians from Republika Srpska (RS) entity are preventing the work of the State institutions and therefore preventing and blocking the functioning of the State as a whole;


- Mr. Milorad Dodik and the politicians from the RS entity have adopted documents announcing the revival of the “Army of Republika Srpska” (VRS). During the Bosnian war (1992-95) the supreme commander of the VRS was General Ratko Mladic. Both the commander and the army have been convicted of genocide, crimes against humanity and a plethora of other crimes committed during the war;


- The political establishment of Serbia, a country convicted of failing to prevent a genocide continues to undermine political stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina by promoting the idea of a Greater Serbia (“Srpski svet”). By supporting the Serb separatists led by Mr. Milorad Dodik they are reviving and encouraging the propaganda and ultra nationalist rhetoric resonant to that of the early 1990s. that lead to the Bosnian war; 


- The new High Representative Mr. Christian Schmidt, reminiscent of his predecessor is silently bearing witness to the destruction of Bosnia and Herzegovina;


- The Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Dayton Peace Agreement are not being respected;


 - The citizens of Bosnia and Hercegovina are greatly disturbed and troubled by the current

 political situation.


We therefore invite and ask the Government of Canada to:


- Condemn the denial of genocide committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina and denial of judicially and scientifically established facts; 


- Condemn the glorification of convicted Bosnian war criminals;


- Condemn corruption at all levels of political structure in Bosnia and Herzegovina; 


- To adopt an urgent parliamentary declaration for the protection of the territorial integrity,

 sovereignty, independence and political subjectivity of Bosnia and Herzegovina; and


- Demand that the High Representative Mr. Christian Schmidt uses his Bonn powers, in order to remove all those that deny and negate the existence of the State from all aspects of its political structure.


Sincerely yours,