Letter Vienna

May 21, 2022.

Dear Rector Engl,
Dear Members of the Ethics Committee of the University of Vienna,

we addressed you as a serious institution in a polite and respectful manner in our letter regarding genocide denial by your institution. The response we have received was not signed, it contained no address nor appropriate salutation. It is missing basic letter-writing etiquette. Because your answer was not signed, it can not be assigned to any legal entity thus making it void.

This fact arouses the suspicion that the lives of Bosniaks are not worth any effort on your side, by you Rector Engl, and by you members of Ethics Committee, to write a respectful and valid letter let alone to answer questions regarding the most grievous and monstrous crime - genocide.

The factual basis of genocide denial by your institution is very solid:
Prof. Manoschek in an article from 2008 is discrediting ICTY, falsifying historical facts by blaming the victim. He labeled Bosniaks as Muslims and Serbs as Serbs and not as Orthodox Christians in this text. This is islamophobic because he reduces only one side to the religious category. This article is publicly available last 14 years. In those years your institution celebrated him on more than one occasion 2012 2016 2019 and continues to be proud of him. The name of your institution is in the video on ARTE where your member is publically denying genocide, Your institution did not distance itself from him. Your institution produced a void and disturbing document in such a delicate and serious crime as genocide.

We are writing to you from Canada. Thousands of Canadians and many more other allies gave their lives in WW2 to civilize your country and stop the genocide your ancestors were committing.
Austria is a post-genocidal society and dealing with its past is not easy, therefore, it is important to respect the effort other countries made for you and to answer in a civilized manner: with a proper salutation at the beginning of the letter and a proper greeting on the end of the letter (with the address in the corner).
We are keen to obtain the answers to our questions from our previous letter in order to determine if your institution is structurally racist.

Best Regards,

Dr. Emir Ramić
Chairman of the institute for research of Genocide Canada
Esad Sirbegovic
Director International Expert Team of the institute for research of Genocide Canada for (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)