Emir Rami? appoints as ambassador of the Culture of Remembrance of Truth and Justice in BiH.

Emir Rami? appoints as ambassador of the Culture of Remembrance of Truth and Justice in BiH.

The Association “Žena žrtva rata” (Women Victims of War), upon recommendations of many organizations and communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and its diaspora, as well as recommendations of many prominent individuals around the world and especially in Canada; appoints Prof. Ph.D. Emir Rami? as ambassador of the Culture of Remembrance of Truth and Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more than 20 years, Professor Rami? has been engaged in the fight for truth, justice, remembrance culture and lobbying for overall betterment of BiH, while exhibiting the greatest values of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We especially emphasize his activism for the rights of women raped during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his instrumental contribution to the institutionalization of remembrance culture in Canada and around the world.

Professor Emir Rami? was born in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He currently lives in Hamilton, Canada. Professor Rami? is the founder and director of the Institute for the Research of Genocide, Canada. He is a member of the Bosniak Academy of Sciences and Arts, the International Association of Genocide Scholars, the Canada Holocaust Museum, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the World Without Genocide association, as well as many other human rights and protection of freedom organizations around the world.

He has actively worked for and contributed to the adoption of a resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the United States, Canada, Australia, the European Parliament and the parliaments of a dozen other countries. Both domestic and foreign analysts consider him one of the best experts on the crime of genocide.

Professor Rami? is the recipient of a number of awards and recognitions, namely:
Distinct Canadian parliament plaques in recognition of his contribution to the study of genocide and the protection of human rights and freedoms;
University of Sarajevo Golden Badge award for exceptional accomplishments in the field of scientific research as well as Srebrenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina genocide research accompanied by worldwide presentation of its results;
Honorary plaque of the Institute for Research of Crimes Against Humanity and International Law of the University of Sarajevo;
Special recognition by Reisu-l-ulema Dr. Hussein ef. Kavazovi? for spreading the truth about the genocide committed against Bosniaks during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina;
Recipient of the Islamic community of North American Bosniaks (ICNAB) “?amil ef. Avdi?” life achievement award.

“I am delighted and honored to be appointed as an ambassador of the Culture of Remembrance of Truth and Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Association “Women Victims of War”, an organization that represents the voice of victims of aggression and genocide in BiH, especially the voice of victims of rape. I hope that in this important honorary role and through the Institute for Genocide Research, Canada, I continue to succeed in fostering the voice of truth and justice about the worst crimes committed in Europe since the Second World War. I will especially engage in the empowerment, education and effective involvement of future young generations in the institutionalization of the remembrance culture,” said Professor Rami?.

The Institute for Genocide Research, Canada (IGK) is a public scientific institution that investigates crimes against peace, crimes of genocide and other serious violations of international law.

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