Letter to the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina

January 02 2023.

Letter to the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina

High Representative  Christian Schmidt

Your Excellency,

The RS entity is an administrative, internal unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not a subject of international law, it is not a state, it is a territory created as a result of genocide.

We invite the High Representative to turn his words related to the commemoration of January 9 into action. On the basis of the authority, the anti-constitutional and anti-state marking of the mentioned date must be prohibited, we request a ban on the celebration of genocide.

We call on the authorities at all levels to condemn the celebration on January 9 and to use democratic means to prevent another attack on the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina - in Sarajevo, the city that was tortured by the longest siege in modern history.

We call on the democratic West to concretely demonstrate its democracy, commitment to the protection of human rights and freedoms by condemning the January 9 celebration. We invite the presidents of Serbia and Croatia - Aleksandar Vu?i? and Zoran Milanovi? to come forward and speak out about the glorification of genocidal acts and their direct consequences. Above all, they are expected to make a statement, because they work together and act against Bosnia and Herzegovina, its sovereignty and its citizens and people.

The ninth of January is an insult to international order and international justice. The ninth of January represents the popularization of genocide, war crimes, mass rape and mass displacement. The designers and implementers of this policy were sentenced to over a thousand years in prison at the Hague Tribunal and the courts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For genocide and other crimes in Srebrenica alone, dozens of the orderers and perpetrators have been sentenced to more than 550 years in prison. Since we are speaking from Canada, a fair, free and civilized country, we remind you that the advocates of the unjust referendum of the rebel separatist Serbs also held hostage the Canadian soldiers who were part of the peace operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995.

Canada has already condemned the January 9 celebration. The gratitude of the communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be eternal.

On January 9, 1992, in violation of valid domestic and international law, a secessionist decision was made to declare more than half of the state territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina an integral part of the Republic of Serbia, i.e. the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, for the first time in the thousand-year history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, against the will of the majority of the inhabitants of BiH.

The political position and opposition establishment of the smaller entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina insists on commemorating January 9, because for them it is a key date that gives them hope that they can realize the Great Serbian project in the coming years. On that day in 1992, they declared the illegal and self-proclaimed so-called "Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina" and after that, in the constitutional text of this legally non-existent creation, outlined that it is an integral part of the Greater Serbian state, i.e. the so-called part of Yugoslavia, which at that time consisted of Serbia and Montenegro. That is why it is important for them to prove the continuity of existence since January 9, 1992, which they have been persistently insisting on for more than 24 years. According to that baseless and not at all harmless construction, smaller BH. the entity was created before the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That is, according to that legally, historically and factually unfounded interpretation, Bosnia and Herzegovina was created only in Dayton in 1995 by the merger of "two states", the so-called Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a perfidious, obvious and unrecorded attempt to deceive and falsify historical facts about the thousand-year-old tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Every attempt to establish the continuity of the smaller BiH. of entities with illegal, unrecognized and self-proclaimed creations on the state territory of BiH is unacceptable, legally unfounded and extremely counterproductive for the policy of peace building.

In 2007, the International Court of Justice ruled that the Republic of Serbia is the only country in Europe that violated the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Serbia is the only country ever mentioned in that context. And that is the living and valid shame of Serbia.

In 2013, the European Commission for Democracy through Law, better known as the Venice Commission, adopted an opinion on the compatibility of the selection of the Day  by the smaller Bosnian and Herzegovinian entity, with the anti-discriminatory standards of the Council of Europe, that is, the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, concluding that the celebration of January 9 as the day of that entity is a discriminatory act against other peoples in that part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yes, Serbia knows that too.

The selection of January 9 as the day of that entity was inspired by unconstitutional and illegal actions taken by only one nation, which is an insult to other nations and citizens and is not in accordance with basic democratic values and postulates, and such a policy is not in accordance with values such as are dialogue, tolerance, mutual understanding and equality, which should be the basis when choosing an entity day, according to the Venice Commission.

A smaller entity - in an attempt to harmonize with the goals of the Great Serbian Memorandum of SANU II, is trying to get what Great Serbian politics did not get in aggression and genocide with anti-Dayton, anti-constitutional, anti-civilization and anti-state actions.

Bearing in mind that the essential elements of BiH statehood, by decision of the Constitutional Court of the smaller BH are entity brutally attacked, bearing in mind that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, the Honorable Stephane Dion, responded in writing to our letter and specified Canada's position in terms of respecting the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH and protecting the territorial integrity, independence and political subjectivity of the State of BiH, we publicly invite the High Representative and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the state government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to prohibit the celebration of the specified date.

The scheduled celebration is a direct attempt to destroy the continuity of statehood, territorial integrity, independence and political subjectivity of BiH. We can call it the continuation of genocide by other means. It is extremely unacceptable, unfounded and dangerous to violate the continuity of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a victim of aggression and genocide.

Dr. Emir Ramic

Director of the Institute for research of Genocide Canada {IGC}