Our concern regarding your sponsorship of the athletes

Dear Tecnifibre CEO Mr. Préault,

We are writing to you today to express our concern regarding your sponsorship of the athletes (Tallon Griekspoor , Gregoire Barrere) who are currently scheduled to compete in a tournament Srpska Open in Banjaluka organized by a racist, genocide denying and Putin supporting regime in the Bosnian entity RS. 

As a company that has always prided itself on its commitment to social justice and equality, we believe it is essential for You to take a stand against any form of discrimination, including racism, genocide and military agression.  
It is well-known that this particular regime has a history of discriminatory policies and practices that have marginalized and oppressed certain groups within its borders.
With the final judgment of February 26, 2007, the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled that the army and police of the Bosnian “Republika Srpska entity” RS planned and carried out the genocide in Srebrenica. 

The Genocide in Srebrenica is an historical fact. However, denying this genocide is the last phase of the genocide itself. Presently, the President of the Bosnian entity RS, Dodik, is engaging in Genocide Denial of the Srebrenica Genocide. The Office of the High Representative (OHR) has endorsed the commencement of an investigation against him.

According to this article, the mayor of Banjaluka city, Stanivukoivc, himself is openly engaged in genocide denial. 

The President of the RS has been regularly making comments that display a clear bias against the Islamic faith, which can be considered as Islamophobic according to following reports here and here.

 We have to rember that the Genocide in Srebrenica was motivated by racism, by Islamophobia. 
Furthermore, the Bosnian entity of RS has made it publicly known that they are in favor of the Russian aggression towards Ukraine, and they have even gone so far as to celebrate the aggression.

In January of this year, the President of RS awarded Putin with a medal of honor.

The President of RS is under US and UK  sanctions and RS suspended any contact with US and UK.

 As a global leader in the sports industry, You have a responsibility to promote fairness, equality, and respect for all people, regardless of their race, religion, or nationality.

We understand that You have a long-standing relationship with this athletes, but we urge you to reconsider your support in this particular case. By continuing to sponsor these athletes, 
You are indirectly supporting a regime that promotes discriminatory policies and practices: the endorsement of genocide, Islamophobia, and aggression towards Ukraine.
This is inconsistent with Your stated values and commitment to social justice.

We therefore respectfully request that You withdraw Your sponsorship of these athletes for the upcoming tournament. By taking this step, You will send a clear message that it stands with those who are working to promote equality and justice for all, and that it will not tolerate discrimination in any form.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to hearing back from you soon.


Dr. Emir Rami?
President of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada