Pismo IGK

May 09, 2023. 

Bundesrechenzentrum Hintere Zollamtsstraße 4 A-1030 Vienna

Dear BRZ CEO and CFO, 

The Institute For Research of Genocide Canada (IGC) is a public scientific institu- tion committed to genocide prevention.
We are writing to you in order to determine whether the notion that Islam is fas- cism and the belief in conspiracy theories regarding Islam are only held by fringe racist elements (e.g. Mr. Kaiser, Mrs. Mühlberger) or if they represent a broader structural phenomenon within the Austrian government. 

Mr. Širbegovic? was employed by BRZ for twelve years where he worked on various applications as a senior software developer, e.g. he developed and managed the ap- plication WiEReg, the application which is essential for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. 

The leadership of BRZ as of 2017 was made aware about the fact that the existing laws in Austria (e.g. § 283 Abs. 1 Z 1 StGB Verhetzung and §188 StGB -"Herab- würdigung religiöser Lehren") is beeing blatantly broken by one of its employees. 

Not only was the BRZ employee expressing his racist hatred towards Muslims and Islam within the BRZ (as documented in the Exhibit B ), but he was also posting the same racist material online. Please refer to the attached screenshots that were ini- tially provided by ZARA Verein. 

Such Islamophobic behavior as manifested by that BRZ employee is being watched by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Bayern. Please see following: nition/index.html 

However, the leadership of BRZ simply ignored that behavior and the screenshots, raising suspicions that BRZ shares the view that Islam is fascism and that the be- lief in conspiracy theories is valid. 



Mr. Širbegovic? wrote to the previous CEO of BRZ Mr. Kaiser letting him know about the precarious situation regarding the Islamophobia in BRZ and disregard to the law and order within BRZ and offered his help in educating BRZ about the reli- gion Islam and the dangers of racism and genocide. (see Exhibit C) 

However, his generous offer was simply ignored, and the fact that BRZ is breaking existing Austrian laws § 283 Abs. 1 Z 1 StGB Verhetzung and §188 StGB -"Herab- würdigung religiöser Lehren" (see Exhibit A ) was also ignored." 

If laws that are intended to protect a certain group in society are gradually disre- garded or broken, as has been observed in the case of BRZ, it raises the possibility of genocide occurring in that society. This is because the failure to uphold the right to life for a marginalized group can ultimately result in genocide. 

Austria is considered a post-genocide society and has gained a significant standing in the field of global genocide research, largely due to the Holocaust. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent the country from regressing from post- into a pre-genocide society. The current situation in Austria is characterized by a number of genocide indica- tors, including high inflation, the ongoing war in the neighborhood, growing polar- ization, as well as the issue of Islamophobia and conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories can play a dangerous role in promoting hatred and violence against marginalized groups, leading to acts of genocide. It is essential to critically examine and reject baseless conspiracy theories and promote factual information and mutual respect instead. 

Furthermore, when government stimulates the belief in conspiracy it fuels conspira- cies on the other side of spectrum such as "glittering nigths" conspiracy. Belief that raids on the same date with "glittering" names Kristall and Luxor (Lucis - lat. light) targeting only members of one religious group are not coincidence but 


The causes of the Bosnian Genocide are complex and multifaceted, but one major factor that enabled genocide to occur was Islamophobia as a constructed form of prejudice and discrimination, which is a global phenomenon.
The rule of law and order is essential for creating a stable, just, and prosperous soci- ety. It provides a foundation for individual rights, social order, economic develop- ment, and democratic governance. 



There are documented cases by human rights organizations of dictatorships using spy software to target their opponents. A cyber smear campaign, known as "Vienna Calling," was directed at Mr. Širbegovic?, and we are currently conducting an inves- tigation alongside other human rights organizations. Thus far, both BRZ and the Federal Chancellery have exhibited a similar disregard for law and order as certain dictatorships. 

This raises suspicion that the online smear campaign against Mr. Širbegovic? was actually orchestrated by BRZ and the Austrian government. 

We hope that this is not the case and we would like you to assist us with this inves- tigation. 

As the first step, we request that you demonstrate your commitment to upholding the law and order. 

Sincerely yours,
Professor dr. Emir Ramic?
Chairman of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada