Appeal to the institutions of Canada to block the naming of a Hungarian general as EUFOR commander.


Appeal to the institutions of Canada to block the naming of a Hungarian general as EUFOR commander.


We would like to draw your attention to recent events related to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in particular the possible shift of responsibilities within the EUFOR Althea mission.


Last week, some influential political figures from the region, including Dodik, Cvijanovic and Vucic, visited Hungarian Prime Minister Orban in Budapest. It has come to our attention that Dodik is actively looking for alternative financial channels, as the previously imposed sanctions are starting to lead to noticeable effects. In fact, there are reports that Dodik has already been promised a number of credit facilities. These developments are concerning as they could further fuel destabilizing tendencies within the region and nullify the current European sanctions against Dodik.


What worries us even more is the fact that Hungary appears to be actively intervening at EU level to avoid the imposition of tougher sanctions against destabilizing actors within Bosnia and Herzegovina. These efforts are inseparable from the fact that Hungary is now showing interest in taking control of the EUFOR Althea mission. This is of great concern to us, given the current political course of the Hungarian government led by Orban. The possible consequences of such a takeover, especially in the sensitive area of Brcko, could be very far-reaching and undermine the fragile stability in the region.


These developments could have serious consequences for the region and for the stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina. EUFOR Althea is vital to maintain stability and build capabilities of armed forces. It is also the only force that can block the Brcko District in case of separatism. It is important to consider the impact of a possible shift of responsibility to Hungary, bearing in mind the current political course.


We call for the maintenance of neutrality and stability within the EUFOR Althea mission, to prevent external political agendas from undermining the progress made in the region.


Thank you for your attention and we remain at your disposal for any further information.


Institute for Research of Genocide Canada {IGC}