Chicago, July 14,2023


Chicago, July 14,2023


Honorable Mayor Mr. Johnson, 
Honorable alderman Mrs. Silverstein, 
Distinguished members of the City Council,


My name is Idhan Tahirovic.
I am here on the behalf of Bosniaks of Chicago, Institute for Research of Genocide Canada , as well as Bosniaks dispersed all over the world as result of aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as result of ethnic cleansing of non-Serbs during the creation of the Entity Republic Srpska. Bosniak community express a deep appreciation to every one of you for designating July 11,2023 as “Srebrenica Genocide Remembrance Day”. Your unanimous decision hopefully will have an impact on a conscience of those who keep denying genocide and those who keep celebrating war criminals as national heroes. Unfortunately, even 28 years after the genocide almost entire Serb nation illogically keep denying the genocide, making impossible reconciliation with the survivors of the genocide. 

The Resolution designating July 11,2023 as “Srebrenica Genocide Remembrance Day "gave Bosniak community strength to continue to make awareness that genocide is possible anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, Europe did not learn a shameful lesson from the holocaust and extermination of Jewish minority. And less than a half a century lather Europe allowed genocide against other religious minority-Bosniak Muslims, the indigenous people of Europe.  This Resolution send a strong message-that despite orchestrated efforts by the governments of Serbia and Entity Republic Srpska, and Serb Orthodox Church - to depict Srebrenica genocide as war crime -there are people in the democratic free world who can form their own opinion based on the facts accessible to anyone who search for the truth. Distinguished members of the City Council be aware that you will be exposed to pressure from the genocide deniers to change your decision about genocide. Please, do not succumb. 

Furthermore,t he Bosniak community is grateful to the City of Chicago for allowing us to lower the national flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the half stuff on the Daley Plaza. Lowering flag to the half staff is not just symbolic act remembering victims of genocide. It is more than that, since Serb’s representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina do not recognize July 11,1995 as national mourning day. Therefore, the national flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot be officially lowered at half-staff in front of any state institutions including the Building of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Distinguished members of the City Council, with your support July 11 will be recognized as Genocide Awareness Day worldwide. That idea was born in Chicago on July 11, 2011, and the stepping stone toward achieving that idea was July 19,2023. 

Idhan Tahirovic, President of Bosniak Brotherhood of Genocide Survivors
Dr. Emir Ramic, Director of the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada
Esad Krcic, The Editor-in-Chief